Newburgh Civitan Zombie Farm
5466 Vann Rd, Newburgh, IN
2 miles east of Castle High School on Vann Rd.

Ticket Prices:

Adults – $12.00 Per Ticket  |  Children – $5.00 Per Ticket
10 Yrs. & Younger (No Discounts on Children’s Tickets)
T-Shirts & Concessions Available
No-scare tours: $5 all ages
Cash, Credit, or Debit


2016 Final Weekend (central time):
Thurs, Oct 27: 7pm – 9pm
Friday, Oct 28: 7pm – midnight
Saturday, Oct 29: 7pm – midnight
Sunday, Oct 30: 7pm – 9pm
Monday, Oct 31: 7pm – 9pm
NO SCARE TOURS: 6pm – 6:45pm


No smoking in the haunted house, no flashlights or lighters, leave cell phones, cameras, etc. in your car so you won’t lose them, no hitting or swearing at the monsters or you will be removed.

$8 T-Shirts (Clown and Pumpkin)
$12 Long Sleeve Clown shirts

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